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Insurance Quotes Online

Welcome to Insurance Quotes Online and here you will find loads of information articles, links to the best insurance companies and valuable information on how to make the best choices for your car insurance, life insurance and basically any insurance you can think of.

We have been in the insurance field for a while now and that's why we decided to create this website, to assist people in making the best choices for their insurance. We are going to provide you with links to the best companies to help you with your online insurance quotes.

Look at the following when choosing Insurance:

These days if you listen to the radio or watch television, you'll see loads of insurance ads continuously and to choose the best one is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. Although allot of insurance companies offer great deals and returns, always look at the fine print and be careful who you decide to sign up with.

Things to look out for:
  • Always look for detail on how long the company has been operating
  • Insurance policy details in terms of what they offer and the Insurance claim process
  • Negotiate and renegotiate your monthly insurance cost with the insurance company.
Be sure to visit our website often to find new articles and links to interesting sites and insurance companies that you can apply with for your insurance needs.

FEATURED: Life cover insurance

We have had allot of requests from people to explain life cover insurance in a bit more detail, so herewith the information and recommendations we have regarding life cover insurance. There are quite a few companies in South Africa offering this service, but truly the best one offering this service is Frank.net. We have provided links for you to get in touch with them. Frank.net offers the best life cover insurance options currently and with their extremely efficient call centre, you are able to quickly find out what options are available to you and make an informed decision on the best option for you.


FEATURED: Why you should get Life Insurance

This questions always arises when we start talking about life insurance and the that's why I decided to outline a few very important issues related to life insurance, that you should consider.

Life insurance provides peace of mind for people who have a rather large sum of debt or loans in their name, purely due to the fact that if something do happen to you, that your debt are paid off and that your family remaining behind, can have a good quality of life.


FEATURED: Car Insurance

When looking at Car Insurance it is always very important to shop around and get the best insurance deal out there. Currently we have a few options available on our website and everyone we mention on our website truly deserves it and we can highly recommend them to anyone looking car insurance.

Car Insurance is quite a tricky subject and the insurance companies generally look at your age, your previous record, your home and workplace where the car will be during day and night and then determine an insurance premium for you.


FEATURED: Insurance Quotes

There are quite a few companies that have been popping up offering quotes from various insurance companies to assist you with your insurance. There basically all offer the same options and we always recommend that you rather do your own research and then apply with the insurance company directly for an insurance quote.

Frank.net offer great service and rates and we can highly recommend that you look at them for your life insurance needs. They have a quick online application form that you need to complete and they will be in touch will you regarding your life insurance quote.


FEATURED: Life Insurance

The question always arises, if you should get life insurance or not? The only answer is yes and get it today. The reason for me saying this is that you always want to make sure that if something happens to you, that you family are cared for and financially setup for the rest of the lives.

Now there are quite a few life insurance companies out there offering various services, but we can highly recommend that you look at Frank.net for your life insurance needs. The offer lighting fast service and also have a user friendly call centre to assist you with any questions or comments. Frank.net has really become one of the top life insurance companies in South Africa and continues to grow each month.


FEATURED: Insurance Companies

Currently there are quite a few insurance companies in South Africa offering various insurance options. There is only one or 2 that do stand out from the rest and we have decided to feature them on our site, due to their excellent reputation and service they provide.

Frank.net has really become the frontrunner in terms of life insurance and youinsure for car insurance. Both of these insurance companies offer great service and with their user friendly websites, you are able to complete the online application forms quickly and they will be in touch with you, providing you with the best insurance options available.


FEATURED: Pay less for your Insurance

Everybody is always looking to pay less on their insurance and we can assist you with saving you money. We have looked at a variety of insurance companies and found a few that really stood out from the rest in terms of service delivery and monthly costs and decided to mention them on our website.



PPS has really emerged as one the best financial institutions for graduate professional in South Africa. They offer various short and long terms insurance solutions for graduate and for anyone with a degree, this is surely the best company to be with to help you with your insurance options.

PPS has been around for the last 70 odd years and with the track record, they have proven themselves over and over again. For any short or long term insurance policies, be sure to contact them to assist you, because they provide excellent service and will surely help you with the best insurance deals possible.


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